We helped Magnis Resources grow their online presence by 200% with simple well thought out design and quick execution.

Magnis Resources is one of many ASX listed company's who have come to us recently wanting to bring a more immersive, engaging customer experience to their online Investor relations.

Magnis Resources was in need of a new informative site, easy to navigate, and responsive across all browsers and devices, Magnis expressed a wish to drive more traffic, boost their SEO, and improve their email subscriber rate. They showed us some of the investor relations websites they liked— Facebook, Apple and Twitter for their strong use of simple navigation and clean design, we shared some early ideas with a few mood boards.

We had good dialogue throughout the process, and we listened closely to the client’s feedback. Once the visual designs were locked down and approved by both sides, we moved on to integrating these designs into the Push CMS platform. 

With their new site, Magnis immediately saw their organic traffic increase and email subscriber conversions climb.

Mobile First Design

One of the main driving forces behind the new website was the mobile user experience, we gave a great deal of thought around this problem. Ultimately we decided that having a secondary investor relations navigation was the best solution, desktop was now easily accessible and intuitive, and mobile now displayed a simple dropdown menu feature as seen in the images above.

Magnis also wanted the price ticker to be fully responsive, allowing all users to have a consistant experience across all devices, this was achieved by working closely with our partner at Weblink, their team were very professional and worked on time and budget all while following our pixel perfect designs on all devices.,

Speed and Security

From the outset we wanted to make sure the Magnis website would fly no matter how many visitors or daily downloads of the ASX announcements were made, we achieved this through 3 Push advantages:

  1. Every Push customers website is hosted on the worlds best cloud servers Amazon AWS.
  2. We recently upgraded our hosting infrastructure to take advantage of the fastest CDN on the planet: Fastly. Now all websites hosted on the Push platform will enjoy nearly instant page load times. With over 50 data centres and thousands of servers around the world serving your website, we're certain every single one of our users will have a responsive, snappy experience.
  3. Images published on the Push Platform are now responsive across all devices. Your pages load up to 10 times faster.

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