What makes a great Investor Relations website?

Does your company and stock price suffer from a bad website experience?

What is the magic to creating unique websites that bring your company's vision and story to the front? What makes it stand out in the large crowd of listed company's trying so hard to grab the attention of potential investors? Why do some websites leave you feeling like this is a solid company or product?

Let's look at 3 steps to making your investor relations website go to the next level, you'll quickly see that it's not that complicated.

1.   Magic?

That's the first lesson here, there is no magic, relying on a great design process and having a knowledge of how investors and general users interact with your news driven website works.

Ask yourself, how would I feel if I landed on my company's page? You will soon get a glimpse into the feelings and thoughts that visitors and the potential investor may get. Is there relevant information about what you do? Not just your latest news dominating the front page. Are you using your brand's colors in a way to delight and bring attention to the important information you want to highlight to your users?

Clean, beautiful investor relations website
Clean lines with well thought out color pallet, Activist tell a great story to visitors (ACU) activisticgroup.com

I really like what ACU are doing with their investor website, they are using the home page to really highlight the key benefits of their product, with clear clean product images to highlight instantly what they do when the visitor lands on the page, this is important. Notice how ACU have steered clear of generic stock images, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make with their websites, stock boring images will devalue your website feel.

Colors are used in a unique way here, as a light grain filter has been applied over the main section background color, to add a natural feel the suggest a genuine's that the user picks up on subconsciously.

2.    Make your website stand out!

The consistency of brand, layout, and a great story are the keys to standing out from other investor relations websites.

Having a design-driven company like Push helps your company brand feel mature, modern and successful, visitors should feel trust and excitement in what you are doing, the story you are telling.

Investors want to trust you! Investors want to put their money into your stocks, but they want a good reason to, they want to feel safe, so why not give them that!

To break this down:

  • You need a style guide for constant branding
  • Simple navigation
  • Clear story and message
  • Trust built through design.
Investors want to trust you! Investors want to put their money into your stocks, but they want a good reason to, they want to feel safe, so why not give them that?

3.    Solid Company

Taking time to create great content has bonus effects, allowing you to become a great resource of information about your industry and your own news, become the industry standard! Why allow other news sites to tell your story?

Don't have Google as your focus and stuff your articles/pages content full of keywords, but rather give the visitors valuable information in-line with the headline they have searched for, this will create a sense of trust that will bring your investors and visitors back.

‍Are you giving your visitors the news they are searching for?
Providing a high value experience for visitors

With this key idea of content over

You need more than just a pretty design, and great imagery, there has to be a story that delights and builds trust.

If this sounds like a strategy your company wants to please contact us.

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